Sunday, January 15, 2012


last year, i took up two extremely new things - i got my diving license and i took up latin american dancing.

this year, i plan to take up two new things again - language and an instrument.

i am happy with my progression for the past year - advanced diver and now learning salsa too.

if it goes as planned, i'd like to learn mandarin and play the drums.

brain fart.

Monday, January 02, 2012

family portrait

there is a difference when you know you're not doing a studio shot. big difference!
cheers to the lewis'.


its the new year.
who would have thought i'd be leaving in 43 days... but i am

i should be continuing my essence of nonsense.
peace and love.

Saturday, December 17, 2011


to end.

its been awhile since i've used this space to keep and tell of my stupid happy sad funny stories. i guess things change. and on the same topic of change, this year has been a year filled with changes. changes for the worst, better and for no apparent reason. and so, people change, and feelings too. though i have that sick notion that "shit happens", i strongly believe that "everything happens for a reason". there are still reasons yet to have known from years ago but i believe in time, it would surface.

a few key words for the year -  decisions, happiness, hurt, anger, love, forgive, faith

that said, though this year was not shared with a few people i would have loved to have shared it with, it was still a very memorable year!

2012, im charged.

Thursday, November 03, 2011

can i be your water baby?

my asset.


i cannot seem to understand the mentality of the x culture. whereby being jobless/unemployed for a period longer than a month is bizarre. all my life, i have taken the fast train - after SPM not even 3 months, i was enrolled into college, once i was done with foundation i zoomed into my degree and it was three years non stop, no failing etc, and out with my degree and two months after i got myself a job. now that i am unemployed because i chose to be after six months of work, it is wrong. while there are a handful of people from the z culture telling me to enjoy this break while i still can, it is so damn hard to do it when i hear the endless string of questions from every tom dick and harry, "found a job yet?", "have you gone for interviews?", "are you searching?" and blah.

next change.

its november already and when i think of how it has flown by, my my, all i can do is smile at the happy, stupid, funny memories i have made.

so catch up! : )

Monday, October 24, 2011

this is not me.

i woke up this morning and wished i never did. i closed my eyes and kept trying to fall asleep but i couldnt. 20 minutes and i was out to face reality - i had to man up.

i wish i knew what is going on.

Thursday, October 20, 2011


every now and then, i get into this deep thinking mode.
but i snap out of it quickly because life suddenly seems so scary.

defo not inspired to blab.
my new happy tunes - fast car and pumped up kicks

this year has really been one heck of a year.
the ups and downs - i think by far the most dramatic life changing thought challenging one!

...i felt like i belonged

Saturday, October 08, 2011

22 and a graduate

shoo fly dont bother me

my one minute rambling.

i am off to the island for the fifth and final time. and i believe i am coming back an advanced diver. and really if all else fails, you'd find me full time on the island not being a beach bumm but yes trying to earn some bucks while doing what i enjoy.

if everything happens for a reason, i hope this trip will be a spanking one. six days on the island - yes it was what i told myself i would do and i am doing it. : ) happiness.

third week into my jobless life and i am spending it on the island. life is beautiful. and here's to good times.

i am defo missing all the girls who are away - canada, australia and uk. :((